About us

Animal's Faith started in March 2009 as a hobby and was continued in September 2011 as a business. The company is dedicated to Suzi, the Dachshund of Liz, who was her own first dog. Without Suzi, this business would never have existed and Liz would not have gained the knowledge she now has. Unfortunately, this girl has left us too early.

Because of the passion with which we run our business, we were able to expand quickly. Animal's Faith has moved 4 times to larger locations between 2009 and 2012. Of course we will continue to grow, so that it will be easier to find us and we can help you and your pet better and better.

Our team consists of:

Liz Wolting

Liz is the owner, behaviour therapist and our so-called 'Alpha' at Animal's Faith. In 2009 she started Animal's Faith, and she has realised several expansions throughout the years. Animal's Faith is dedicated to Suzi, Liz' first own dog. Suzi is at the foundation of Liz' knowledge and has been able to teach her dogs much about stability and calmness. Kai, Challa, Maximus, Lyra, Sam and Lilly have now taken over these tasks from Suzi and form the pack of therapy dogs Liz works with on a daily basis.