We can't do our job without the support of our loyal sponsors. To keep doing our work in the future, we are always on the lookout for sponsors. You can sponsor us financially, but donations in the form of food, supplies and other material are always welcome. 

Of course we would like to do something in return for you too. That's why we offer to mention your name on our website, in our newsletters, or in other ways we can further discuss. Below, you can find a number of ways you can sponsor us:


One-time donations are always very welcome!

This can be a monetary donation, but also food, toys, treats, litter box filling, scratching posts, cleaning supplies, fencing, food bowls, etc. We appreciate any gift!

Monetary donations (any amount is welcome) can be transferred to IBAN: NL11INGB0008130459 in the name of Stichting Animals Faith in Maastricht. You can always drop off other types of donations during our opening hours.

Distance Adoption

Distance adoption means that you choose an animal that you want to sponsor on a monthly basis with a donation of €35,- (dog) or €17,50,- (cat). This allows us, in part, to make sure the animal gets food, water, medical and general care. Your name will be mentioned on the website, alongside the animal's adoption page. Of course, this can be an anonymous donation as well. 

The montly contribution of €35 or €17,50 can be transferred to: IBAN: NL11INGB0008130459 in the name of Stichting Animals Faith in Maastricht, mentioning "Sponsoring + name of the animal".

General Sponsor

Should you want to support Stichting Animal's Faith, you can also become a general sponsor and be included in all our communications. You can already become a sponsor for €1.500,- per year. In case you decide to sign a contract for at least 3 years, this amount will be reduced to €1.250,-.