Barry To adopt

Insecure, overcompensating, but inwardly loving dog.


Barry came from people who offered him for sale via Facebook. A lady was interested in him. She had had dogs all her life and Barry was described as a sweet and cute dog. Barry’s owners brought him to meet her and told beautiful stories about him. Then lady decided to keep Barry. However, as soon as the people had left, Barry began to growl and bite. The situation continued for three days and was considered unsafe and unsustainable for the new home.  We were called and we went to help woman the same evening.


Barry is a beautiful but typical Rottweiler. He overcompensates quickly, warns briefly and because of his obviously bad socialization he has many fears, which he immediately tries to compensate with tough behavior.

Once in our shelter Barry had to get used to the first day and he was grumpy. Then he thawed happily and he became more and more friendly. Barry still has a lot to learn and we train him as much as possible.


Barry is looking for a calm, balanced and self-confident owner, someone who is not scared. An owner with experience with Rottweilers would be nice. He must rest enough and still learn a lot. Social behavior towards other animals, strange people and children must be trained calmly.


Interest in Barry may already be shown, but we will only place him with guarantees he continues his training.





Sit, down, stay, come, no, calm


Vaccinated, microchipped, de-sexed


In training

In training

In training