Diesel To adopt

Dear, somewhat insecure goodguy.


Diesel has been trained by a well-known dog institute after problems with his previous owner. Here, however, the conclusion was quickly drawn that there was nothing to do with Diesel, so euthanasia advice was given. The owners did not agree with this and the institute then moved Diesel to a warehouse worker. Diesel is a companion dog, so absolutely not suitable for hard work. Fortunately the trainer saw this soon and he approached us. This is how Diesel came to us.


Diesel shows himself to us as a sweet dog who has some insecurities, but is very happy to do everything for you. In the beginning Diesel found meeting new people and dogs exciting, but he is getting better with it. Currently Diesel is very nice to other dogs, he does not fall out on the line, but rather want to play with other dogs.

After Diesel gets to know you, he is your best friend. With proper control he listens to the commands like a real shepherd and he walks neatly on the line, also next to the bike.


We are looking for a stable household for Diesel, with not too many stimuli, where limits are stated calmly and clearly. Diesel can be perfectly placed with other dogs and cats, provided they are stable. For his rest we do not place Diesel with young children.


At the moment Diesel is at home with one of our employees and here he is very good and quiet! He is fine with the other two dogs in this house, listens well, grabs his food lovingly and sleeps a lot. Here you can clearly see that Diesel is a very sweet, nice and calm dog.


Mechelse Herder




Sit, down, here, basket, no, calm, stay


Vaccinated, chipped, deneutered