Flip To adopt

Flip came from a puppy farm. He was bought by a family who had never had dogs before. A kooikerhondje (literal English translation: little caging hound) is not the easiest breed, which this family didn't realize. Flip quickly started showing claiming behaviour in his bench. When the husband passed him, he could fall out. He snapped at him a few times as well, but he never bit hard. We planned a therapy for this family, which Flip responded to quite well; he became calmer and did not fall out to the husband anymore. The wife, however, remained very frightened of Flip due to the incidents in the past and could not get over this. Flip got very stressed by this, but kept up until the family suddenly decided to give him much more freedom. As a result, Flip regained his appropriated right to correct others and started to correct the wife as a reaction to her stress signals. Flip had to leave the family at once and has been in our shelter since then.

Flip needs very clear steering and guidance, especially concerning his basket, bench or food. When he feels unsafe, he can fall out fiercly. Flip is very social with other animals (dogs, cats, chickens, etc.) and would be placed best in a stable pack or with people with experience with this type of behaviour. 


Reu - gecastreerd



Sit, down, come here, basket, no, calm, stay


Vaccinated, chipped, dewormed