Multiple cats & kittens To adopt

We have continuously multiple cats and kittens up for adoption. But to take pictures of the cats is usually really stressfull for them. And most of those cats are really shy when they first get into our shelter. Therefore we chose to not make pictures of every cat that we get in. To make their staying as peacefull as possible. You can reach us 7 days a week between 09.00am and 06.00pm with the number +31 (0) 06 2740153 to get information about wich cats we have for adoption at the moment.

All of our cats will be socialized, dewormed, defleed, chipped, vacinated, neutered, they will be housebroken if needed and we will make an objective character estimation from all of our cats. Ofcourse we'd like to make an appointment with you, so we can introduce our sweethearts to you in person!

On our Facebookpage you can find regularly photo's and updates about our cats, who already are a bit less shy:

European shorthair


Vaccinated, chipped, dewormed