Storm To adopt

Sweet, insecure dog.

Storm was bought as a pup from a breeder by his previous owners. We've known him for a while because he started to show problematic behvaiour as a teenager. The owners got our help for a while then. Storm developed biting behaviour towards other dogs and towards people at a young age. Whe had several of Storm's siblings in our behaviour therapy and shelter, so it's known that these dogs were not born in the ideal circumstances. Because his owners were scared that Storm might bite their son's friends who come over to play, they decided to put Storm up for adoption.

Once in our shelter, we started training with Storm, and with calmness, patience and guidance, a lot can be reached with him. However, his training will be a long journey. He still finds it scary to be touched by strange people, as well as first encounters with new dogs. Once he knows another dog, this is OK. With people, he remains quickly triggered by fast movements, especially over his head (like when putting a leash on him).

For Storm, we're looking for calm, stable and experienced owners, who will understand his fears and who will clearly and calmly indicate limits. He can be placed with another dog, especially a female, as long as it is stable. As a precaution, we won't place Storm with children.


Border Collie

male - neutered



Sit, down, here, basket, no, calm, stay


Vaccinated, chipped, deneutered




In training